Frequently Asked Questions

Our comprehensive builder’s reports will identify any significant defects and will fulfil any typical purchase and sale agreement as they are independent and they deliver a true opinion on the current condition of the property. Banks, insurance companies and lawyers will normally accept our reports as being completed by a suitably qualified person.

A premium inspection includes a full review of the Council Property Files which will enable the inspector to identify any unconsented building work on site. It also includes meth testing and a personal recommendation for ongoing maintance and repair work included in the written report.

We strive to work within your timeframes, however as much notice as possible is appreciated so we can arrange access with the property vendor or their chosen agent.

It is usual for the inspector to be on site anywhere from 1 – 3 hours.

We will usually have your report ready in 3 days BUT if you are under a tight deadline or require your report sooner please let us know at the time of booking and we will ensure your report is available when you need it.

Reports are emailed as a PDF report in full colour with photos. Since most of our clients have no requirement for printed copies, we will post a hardcopy only to those clients who specifically request it.

The inspector will prepare a report based on what he visually inspected at the time of inspection. If he has no access due to the unavailability of a key, personal belongings piled up over an access hatch, an access hatch covered by a fridge or washing machine or underneath carpeting, this will be noted on the report. Our inspectors are not permitted to handle home occupants’ personal belongings or furniture. We will, however, return to check these areas at an extra cost agreed with you in advance.

Yes we use moisture meters as a tool to enable us to assess what is going on behind the wall linings. This along with our inspectors experience will help identify if there is any moisture present at the time of the inspection.

The main focus is on identifying ‘Significant Defects’ with a property on the basis of a ‘visual inspection’ (i.e. simply viewing the property features without specific testing). Typically, the following items are included;

The site – retaining walls, fencing, driveways, paths, surface water control

The main dwelling – roof and wall exteriors, foundations, roof space, sub floor space, each internal room. We look for signs of structural unsoundness, weathertightness failure, mould and internal environment issues, plumbing leaks, insulation deficiencies (where visible such roof and floor spaces), we check the floor levels for unacceptable slopes.

Please ensure that the dwelling is open for the inspection and there is access made available to the subfloor, roof cavity and any other buildings that are included in the inspection.