Certificate of Acceptance

Certificate of Acceptance (COA)

Unconsented building work can often be formally verified by applying for a Certificate of Acceptance from your local building controls authority (BCA). This process can be complicated and requires the applicant to demonstrate how the work complies with the New Zealand Building Code.


The application must verify how the work complies with each building code clause it affects. Applications require formal reports with supporting evidence and technical information. We can act as your agent and advocate in preparing the formal documentation in order to lodge an application for a COA. Please note a COA is not a replacement for a building consent and can be refused. The local building controls authority are not obligated to issue a COA and always recommend you obtain a building consent in advance when required.


If you’re in Whangarei, everything you need to know about applying for a COA, including forms, can be found via this link. We’re here to help provide all evidence you may require to complete this.