Meth Testing

Methamphetamine Testing

It is becoming more evident that manufacturing and using methamphetamine more commonly known as ‘P’ in a home can leave a residue which is absorbed into internal components of the building. Exposure to the contaminants can be harmful to the occupants. With an increase in the identification of meth in homes it is important you don’t end up purchasing a home that is contaminated.

A new standard was released in July 2017, NZS:8510:2017 which states that every high use area in a property must be tested therefore for our methamphetamine baseline test we use up to 10 swabs which are tested as a lab composite to keep our prices low. This will effectively and accurately cover a 3-4 bedroom house so you can be assured there is no hidden contamination anywhere in the property. Our price also includes a comprehensive written report detailing all sample sites and a full explanation of the results.We are always available to discuss any questions you may have regarding the complex issue of methamphetamine testing.

We are actively involved with MTIANZ, which is the Methamphetamine testing industry N.Z, so we can guarantee that we are up to date with current best practices for all matters relating to methamphetamine screening. We are also a Hills lab recommended contractor for Northland. 


The associated costs can be high in certain situations, so you can eliminate all doubt by getting your home checked. We test the home and the swabs are then analysed by a lab giving an accurate reading and eliminating doubts raised by an instant presumptive test kit.


Methamphetamine Risk Assessment Recommendations