If You're Selling

If You’re Selling Your Home and Need a Property Inspection

Your home is your greatest asset. Don’t undersell it

  • Know the true condition of your home

  • Uncover any faults that may reduce your sale price

  • Improve the value of your home pre-sale


Asset Property Inspections, Whangarei’s property inspection experts, can offer you a pre-sale inspection of your property to better assist you in marketing your home.


The inspection can be carried out with you in person as a verbal report or alternatively we can provide you with a detailed written report.


Our inspectors are able to suggest amendments or repairs to your property which may help to sell your home faster.


A pre-sale inspection points out areas of your property that require attention. By correcting these issues prior to your house going on the market, it helps prevent lengthy negotiations and unexpected results which may arise when the buyer carries out a pre-purchase inspection.

Pre-sale inspection report

Presenting your property with a clean bill of health will give any potential purchasers peace of mind that they are not buying a problem. There are many advantages to being able to market your home as problem-free.


The sale of your property is much less likely to fall through at the last minute. We can identify key areas of concern that could affect a potential sale. This allows you time to either rectify the problem or obtain quotes for repairs.


We can also advise on any historical unconsented or unpermitted work and advise you on how to remedy these issues. So why not eliminate the doubt? Get a clean bill of health in writing with a pre-sale inspection report.



Checking whether the property complies with building rules

The presence of unconsented or unpermitted building work is often not obvious but can potentially cost a purchaser thousands to rectify and remedy. Further information about building consent, compliance and alterations – and the penalties for breaches of building rules – may be found on your local council’s website (Whangarei, Kaipara, Far North and Auckland councils.)


As Whangarei’s property inspection experts, the team at Asset Property Inspections offers assistance clarifying whether the newly-introduced government rules about Restricted Building Work affect your home.


We are often told by our clients that their solicitor is checking for the presence of unconsented building work which is great, however unless you visit the site then compare what is recorded on the council property file to what is actually on site, you will never know if an illegal addition or alteration has been made to the property. Some classic examples of this are excavations below the home to allow storage and/or additional rooms. Additions and renovations that should have been formally checked and recorded. This work can potentially undermine the building structure.


We often find that this type of work would not comply with the New Zealand Building Code and is sometimes dangerous and of poor quality. We can add a compliance check with all building inspections. Please be aware this normally increases the report turnaround time as we must order and fully review the council property files.


We’re here to help you interpret the government’s Building Code and clarify what building work does and does not require consent.